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Eurasian Milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) is a perennial plant native to Europe, Asia, and Africa and was probably brought to the U.S. as an aquarium plant. Today it is considered one of the most aggressive and problematic plants in the U.S. because of the dense colonies which it forms.

The stems are multi-branched, somewhat reddish in color, with gray-greenish feather-like leaves. The leaves are in whorls of 3 to 5 around the stem with each leaf divided into 12 or more pairs of thin thread-like leaflets. Reddish flowers are borne on leafless spikes that rise above the surface a few inches. Eurasian watermilfoil can spread from seeds or by fragmentation.

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Select from the following products which control Eurasian Milfoil:

AQUATHOL - Semi-selective herbicide effectively controls Coontail, Eurasian Milfoil, Hydrilla, Naiads, and all Pondweeds.

HYDROTHOL - Controls Algae and many weed species, including Coontail, Elodea, Eurasian Milfoil, Hydrilla, Naiads, and all Pondweeds.

KOMEEN - Selective herbicide which controls Coontail, Elodea, Eurasian Milfoil, and Hydrilla.  Does not control Pondweeds.

NAVIGATE - Selective control for Bladderwort, Coontail, Eurasian Milfoil and Water Lilies.  

REWARD - Useful for control of almost all aquatic plant species including Cattails.  Does not control Algae or Water Lilies.

SONAR -  Effectively controls Eurasian Milfoil and most other submerged aquatic weeds.  Does not control most emergent species like Cattail and Water Lilies or algae.

WEEDTRINE-D - Broad Spectrum aquatic herbicide.  Useful for control of most submerged vegetation species.  Does not control Algae, Cattails, Hydrilla, or Water Lilies.

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Weed Solution Wizard - Step 3h of 3