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Weed Solution Wizard - Step 3a of 3

Step 3: Select your Product Preference

 Review the weed description, then select from the control options below.

Bladderwort are submersed free-floating plants. There are about 200 species in the world, ranging in size from a few inches to several feet long. Tiny bladders, attached to the leaves, trap and digest very tiny animals.

All bladderworts are rootless. They have main stems from which lacy, often complex leaves grow. Bladderwort flowers are usually bright yellow (but sometimes lavender, depending on species); the flowers have two "lip-like" petals of about equal size. Flowers are on long stalks that emerge several inches above the water. The carnivorous bladders are attached at regular intervals along the linear leaf segments.

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Select from the following products which control Bladderwort:

SONAR - Professional strength aquatic herbicide.  Effectively controls Bladderwort and most other submerged aquatic weeds.  Does not control most emergent species like Cattail and Water Lilies or algae.

NAVIGATE - Selective control for Bladderwort, Coontail, Eurasian Milfoil and Water Lilies.  

WEEDTRINE-D - Broad Spectrum aquatic herbicide.  Useful for control of most submerged vegetation species.  Does not control Algae, Cattails, Hydrilla, or Water Lilies.

REWARD - Useful for control of most aquatic plant species.  Does not control Algae or Water Lilies.

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Weed Solution Wizard - Step 3a of 3