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EPDM Liner Seam Tape (1-sided) 100' roll

EPDM Liner Seam Tape (1-sided) 100' roll
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A 6" wide adhesive tape, factory laminated to EPDM membrane that is used to seam two panels of PondGard membrane. NOTE: Requires cleaning of membrane PRIOR to application; use of Quick-Prime dramatically improves tape adheasion to liners.

We offer two styles of tape for joining EPDM panels together. The most common method for joining two pieces of liner in a pond is to use the cover tape (1-sided). We strongly recommended using QuickPrime adhesive in between the liner panels to secure them to each other then reapply QuickPrime over the joint where the liners meet. Apply 6" cover tape (1-sided) over joint and always use a roller to work out any air bubbles under tape. When joining liners in a stream situation, we recommend using the 2-sided tapes. These tapes can also be used under the cover tape (1-sided) when seaming pieces of liner together for extra protection.

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EPDM Liner Seam Tape (1-sided) 100' roll