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Algae Wizard - Step 3 of 3

Select your Product Preference

    Select from the recommended products below based on the area you calculated on the previous page, and your preference of features.  These products will treat your algae problem when applied according to manufacturers instructions.

Cutrine Plus Liquid - For ponds over 1/500 acre.  Effectively controls all surface and suspended algae.  Stays active and is safer to use than copper sulfate.  Best if applied by sprayer to surface. 

  • Effectively controls all surface and suspended algae!

  • Safe for ponds used for irrigation,

  • Best value for medium to large ponds and lakes.

  • Safe for ponds containing most fish species*

* CUTRINE PLUS should not be used in water containing Koi or Goldfish.  For small koi gardens, choose AlgaeFix, below.  For larger Koi ponds, use GreenClean Granular.

Choose Cutrine Plus Liquid


AlgaeFix - For small water gardens and ponds between 1/2000 - 1/500 acre (500 - 19,000 gallons.)   EPA registered algae control for water gardens!  Controls algae without harming fish or plants!  Safe for Koi and Goldfish.

  • Controls "green water algae", string algae, and blanket weed.
  • Keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean and clear.
  • Kills existing algae and controls future algae blooms
  • Easy to use - Simply pour recommended amount into your pond!

Choose AlgaeFix

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Algae Wizard - Step 3 of 3