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Algae Wizard - Step 2 of 3

Now, Select the Type of Algae You Need to Control

Surface Algae - May be any color from yellow, green, blue, red.  Generally, this is any algae that is floating on the surface of the water.  *Do not confuse Duckweed with algae, it is a surface weed which requires different treatment.  If you need to control Duckweed, Click Here.

Suspended Algae - Again, this algae may be any color including green, blue, red, or purple, however, it is growing within the water column, not quite on the surface, but not really on the bottom either.  It grows stringy or "goopy" with little form.

Bottom Growing Algae - This is any algae which is growing primarily on the bottom of the pond, and includes Chara, which grows up from the bottom like a weed, though it is an algae.

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Algae Wizard - Step 2 of 3