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2 HP Kasco High Volume Surface Aerator

2 HP Kasco High Volume Surface Aerator
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Item #:SAF8400H
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Bottom Screen:
These high volume aerators are the best choice for aerating ponds and lakes 2 to 6' deep!

These 2 HP models move approximately 2000 gallons of water per minute, and draw 11 Amps at 230v.

These reliable Kasco units are the highest oxygen producing aerators we offer! These aerators are designed for maximum pumping volume and circulation. Although they are not as decorative as the fountains, these units are the best choice for maximum aeration. Because of the high circulation rate, these aerators are especially helpful in controlling surface algae and other unsightly surface problems.

50' power cord included - 100' available (Select preference above).

Protective bottom screen helps keep weeds, sticks, and debris out of impeller (Select preference above).

Designed for continuous duty operation in Fresh or Salt water.

Thermal overload protection with automatic reset.

Great for portable emergency operation.

Two year warranty!

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2 HP Kasco High Volume Surface Aerator